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Complete Outdoor Wok Station

$1,231.00 $1,119.00

This set features everything that you will ever need for wok cooking. It’s got a wok burner, 2 benches including a bench with a tap connected, water pot and an extra bench for ingredients and prep.

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14″ Carbon Steel Flat-Bottomed Wok with Wooden Handle


Carbon steel is a tremendously popular material for woks – it provides an authentic, unique taste to your dishes that cannot be achieved using any other material. It transfers the heat well meaning it heats up extremely quickly when you use the correct burner and forms its own nonstick coating.

This wok has a diameter of 14 inches (14″) has a depth of 4 inches (4″) making it perfect for catering, cooking for larger parties and is versatile enough to be used for even smaller dishes when you are out camping or on picnics.

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Bench with removable splashback


Use this bench to add extra space to your outdoor kitchen. Complete with a removable splashback and bottom shelf, the stainless steel bench measures 1m wide by 50cm deep and makes the perfect space to prepare food before throwing it in the wok.

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