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Flat Stainless Steel Bench


Discover the perfect blend of simplicity and functionality with our Flat Stainless Steel Bench, a versatile addition to any cooking setup. This flat bench, similar to our popular cooking bench but without a cut-out, offers a clean, expansive workspace for all culinary tasks.

Wok Culture
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8 Jet Compact Set

$736.00 $696.00

Discover the ultimate solution for serious stir-frying enthusiasts. Our 8 Jet Wok Burner, boasting a formidable 100MJ output pending certification, is a testament to power and precision.

Combined with a perfectly fitting 201-grade stainless steel Compact Bench, measuring 48cm x 48cm x 75cm, this set is the epitome of convenience and style. The bench’s thoughtful design includes a 30cm cut-out top shelf for a secure burner fit and a bottom shelf for handy storage.

Bench with Tap and Splashback
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Turbo Burner Tap Set

$804.00 $784.00

Our Turbo Burner Tap Set brings the professional touch outdoors to your backyard alfresco kitchen with added convenience. Whether you’re preparing a quick week night meal or hosting a grand dinner, this set will be your trusted companion for years to come. This set comes complete with a splashback, water bowl and tap connected directly to your garden hose for added convenience.

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